Ortleib Snugpak Exped Montane Buffalo Camelbak Multimat Lifeventure Lifesystems Cyba-lite Turboflame Hanwag Petzl G-Shock Primus

Buffalo and Hanwag feature heavily with hill walking and trekking gear, whilst Exped and Ortlieb offer market leading waterproof dry bags and lightweight rucksacks. Snugpak offer a great range of sleeping bags including the Travelpak Traveller with a built in mosquito net.

Outdoor lifestyle brands such as Aladdin, Camelbak and Primus include water bottles as well as thermal mugs and camping stoves. Ronhill and Helly Hansen adds to an outdoor fitness theme whilst Cyba-Lite headtorches light up the trails.

Buffalo's DP Clothing System originated in the Scottish Highlands in the later 1970's and has been protecting its loyal users from the harshest weather conditions with effective and durable garments ever since. The design team of serious outdoor enthusiasts all had interests that included cycling, climbing, caving, hillwalking so you are assured of ultimate trekking gear and outdoor survival kit. The iconic Buffalo Mountain and Special 6 Shirt remain as popular as ever, whilst the Alpine and Fell Jackets add designer looks to Buffalo's performance outerwear.

Exped were founded in 1997 and have quickly developed a reputation of designing and building the highest quality gear for active, outdoor enthusiasts. The specialist range of equipment includes the popular SynMat and Lightweight Rucksacks that appeal to the casual trekker through to the technical climber,all of whom have exacting requirements of their outdoor survival kit.

Lifeventure was created over 20 years ago by adventure travellers looking for compact, lightweight and durable products to help them head off onto the unbeaten track. 

Helly Hansen was started at sea in 1877 when a Norwegian Captain, Helly Juell Hansen started producing oilskin jackets and trousers soaked in linseed oil for his fellow crew. Since those early pioneering days, Helly Hansen have continued to innovate with outdoor clothing and layering systems that we are all familiar with today. The inconic Dry Stripe Crew baselayer is instantly recognised around the world. As Helly Hansen state themselves, Born by the Sea, Raised by the Mountains, Trusted by Professionals, Designed by Scandinavia. 

Jetboil have been creating compact outdoor cooking stoves since 2001 and they are a great addition to your trekking gear or backpacking essentials. The Jetboil Personal Cooking System was an instant hit with the British Army due to its speed, efficiency, self containment and small pack size. Jetboil Flash PCS has superceded the original PCS and is now available in a Multicam option. Additional stoves have also been added to the Jetboil portfolio including the Jetboil Zip and Sol along with a range of accessories.