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Buffalo Cycle Shirt

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The Buffalo Cycle Shirt has been designed to have all the warmth and windproofness of the Mountain Shirt while standing out in this bright yellow colour with reflective strips. You can now safetly be seen while commuting, the longer sleeves and the clever quick release crotch strap secures the cycle shirt in place while riding and gives you outstanding protection from the increased winds when cycling.

For milder weather or when producing high energy output over an extended period of time, we recommend considering the Buffalo Teclite Cycle Shirt, constructed using the surprisingly tough and windproof P4 Ripstop outer with Teclite micro-pile lining, you will benefit from high levels of breathability and maximum moisture control thanks to the fast wicking hydrophobic micro-pile that gets rid of internal moisture very rapidly.

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The Buffalo Cycle Shirt features the DP System - Pertex 6 Shell with 'AquaTherm' pile lining. An overhead garment that's design and highly visible yellow shell are specific to road cycling, making it ideal for commuting, touring, or winter training as well as winter mountain biking.

Developed for road cycling from the Mountain Shirt, with more shoulder room and longer sleeves to allow for forward reach. Shaped to fasten between the legs with a quick release crotch strap it gives complete protection against the elements.

This garment works most efficiently when worn next to the skin. Sizing is important as the shirt should be close fitting without being restrictive.

All Buffalo clothing products are made in the UK to a very high standard, with industry leading technology and long lasting high performance guarenteed. Once you have experienced this highly respected brand for yourself you will be recommending it to others.

Buffalo Cycle Shirts can be made bespoke by special order in any size with adjustments to the arms and body length. Additional cutting charges apply to these orders which can take 8-12 weeks to be made and are non-returnable.

- Classic Pertex® shell
- AquaTherm pile lining
- Windproof to 50mph

Product Details:
- Design allows forward reach.
- 3M Reflective tape across back pocket flap and around cuffs.
- Reflective piping sewn into shoulder seams.
- Storm baffles on side zips with internal baffle at neck.
- Three way elasticated back pocket with zipped central compartment.
- Quick release crotch strap.
- Touch-and-close cuff adjustment tabs.
- Touch-and-close hip adjusters.
- Hand warmer pocket.
- Rucsack hip belt can be fastened through hand warmer pocket.
- Tape and buckle waist adjuster.
- Eight ventilation controls on each shirt including two way side zips.

Sizes: 36, 38, 40, 42, 44, 46, 48, 50.
(Special Order size 52 can be made for an extra charge. Please allow an 12-16 weeks for delivery)
Colours: Yellow shell with Black pile.
Weight: 680g

*Any item not in stock will be shown as on backorder in the Shopping Cart. This will then be ordered from Buffalo to be made with an estimated delivery of 12-15 weeks unless already on order. Please call for confirmation*
  • Yvonne
    Christmas Surprise 27 December 2012

    Bought this item for my son's Christmas. Was told almost right away that I would be unlikely to receive the Buffalo Cycle Shirt in the size I wanted (38") by Christmas as this was a very popular size. Kept in touch with the friendly people at Lansdale and, wonder of wonders, the cycle shirt arrived just before Christmas. I had already told my son that it would not be arriving by Christmas Day and he was quite prepared to wait until the order came through. He described it as the "holy grail" of cycle shirts and worth waiting for. His face on Christmas Day was priceless and he happily pranced around the house wearing his Buffalo. I wondered if it was a bit on the small side, but he explained it had to be a neat fit for cycling purposes. Scott holds the Guinness world record for the fastest cycle from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego at the southernmost tip of Argentina, so I suppose he knows what he's talking about. He's taking part in a triathlon in Edinburgh on New Year's Day - a bit closer to home but the weather can get a bit chilly here too! Thanks to everyone at Lansdale for your friendly service and a happy New Year to you all.

  • Patrick
    Great winter cycling top 18 February 2012

    Being a great fan of the pertex-pile (DP) system, I bought this to be seen when cycling in the colder weather. These garments really do work best if they are close fitting, so I recommend being true to your measurements and NOT sizing up, as the arm lengths etc are pretty much the same for most sizes (see Buffalo's detailed size chart). And you really do need to take the leap of faith and wear it next to the skin! The wind-proof properties are second to none. I was a bit worried about getting too warm, but the side vents are really good at allowing you to cool off while active, without having to stop to change layers; and even if you do start to overheat, the moisture is wicked away fast, so you never feel clammy. For the side vents to be operated effectively, the crotch strap is invaluable and actually very comfortable, so don't be put off; like all the other details, it's very functional. It also keeps the lower back/groin area warm and comfortable.
    I've not yet had a chance to try it in rain, but I know from past experience of other DP tops that even if you do get wet, you remain warm and comfortable and, as long as you remain moderately active, the top dries very quickly.
    Inside the hand warmer pockets is an adjustable waist strap to make the shirt fit more snugly, so there is never much risk of getting too cold. A really versatile top for cold weather when there might also be the odd shower - it's the only top you need with you.
    These garments are really durable, and you can expect to get at least a decade's wear out of it. Best of all, they are still made in the UK in Sheffield.
    For the warmer months, I think I may invest in a Teclite Cycle Shirt.

  • john
    Excellent all-weather winter biking top. 12 December 2011

    Bought this mainly for winter commuting in all weathers. I know Buffalo garments work best if they're close fitting, Being tall (6'4") and slim (ish) (42") my first concern is getting body and sleeve length without baggyness. The 44 is excellent for me, I don't know if the 42 would have been too snug. I do wear a T-shirt under it for modesty. Excellent warmth and windproofness without being clammy - can be vented as well. I would not expect to wear it warm weather, though. Although not claimed as waterproof, there's no noticable ingress after my regular 30 min. commute. Back pockets are secure but accessable and a good size. Super visibility - it has reflective piping on the shoulders and cuffs which isn't shown on the pic. The only bit I'm not sure about is the crotch strap - fine on the bike, but feels (and looks) a bit "nappy-ish" off the bike. For me, a 9.9/10. I would buy another.

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