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Hanwag Special Forces GTX (Gore-Tex®) Boots

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The Hanwag Special Forces GTX Boots are a tactical Boot that have great support, durability and comfort. Designed for Military use and very popular with the Police force and other services, ideal for a variety of terrains.

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Regular Price: £215.00

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Regular Price: £215.00

Special Price £194.99

Hanwag Special Forces Boots can be worn with no breaking in, straight from the box. They offer a high level of comfort, complemented by a Gore-tex lining that keep your feet dry and they have reduced inner seems that minimize blisters.

The stand out lacing system has eyelets equipped with ball bearing to allow easy lacing and consistent tension around the foot for a good fit. The top of the Boot has D rings to prevent snagging.

Support is achieved by using a midsole that absorbs impact shock and vibration and a flex nylon midsole board that allows a natural rolling action to reduce foot fatigue. A Vibram outsole provides grip and can be re-soled to prolong the life of these Boots.

Hanwag Boots are hand crafted in Germany to a high European standard which make them the go to brand in adventure footwear. Additional features including the bearing lacing system, makes Hanwag Boots the most recommended Boot on the market.

- Full Grain durable and water resistant leather
- Full Gore-Tex® lining for high wicking properties
- Air Pulse Breathing system for enhanced comfort and fast drying
- PU shock absorbing midsole
- Vibram® Fuora anti-clog sole for maximum traction and stability
- Graduated flex nylon support and control
- High pressure relieving ankle cuff
- Achilles relief pad to protect that vulnerable area
- Lower lacing ball bearing eyelets for even and effective adjustment

- Lightweight 820g (size 8)
- Available in sizes 4 - 13
- Colour: Black
- Upper: Full grain black leather
- Outsole: Vibram Fuora anti-clog for maximum traction and stability
- Lower Midsole: PU with full heel to toe shock-absorbing
- Upper Midsole: Curved graduated flex nylon

*PLEASE NOTE: Some stock is kept in the UK and should be delivered within 1 week. Sizes not in stock in the UK will be ordered from the HanWag factory in Germany and are normally delivered in 2-4 weeks (sometimes up to 6 weeks). We recommend allowing a minimum of 4 weeks for delivery to avoid disappointment*
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  • john dowle
    This is an update on my Hanwag Alaska GTX boots 4 May 2011

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    (Archive) 6 Dec 2010 7:00 pm

    I\'ve had these boots nearly a year now and have hammered them and they still look Fantastic and perform even better than when I first wore them ! Truly outstanding boots, I\'ve told everyone I know about them, they are that good !

  • Anonymous
    Excellent 4 May 2011

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    11 Aug 2010 7:56 am After well over 100kms in Wales last week, no blisters and the boots have worn in excellently. They feel like the old friends my first pair were. Thank you for your help and patience, I\'m now off to try them out in New Zealand.

  • David Evans
    Excellent boot, top quality materials and construction. 4 May 2011

    (Archive) 27 Apr 2010 9:16 am

    They will take a C1 crampon quite happily and compared to some of the synthetic B1 and B2 rated boots seem much warmer in snow and cold weather. Levels of grip and support are excellent. Heavier than some but I find the benefits outweigh the extra weight. So for rough terrain or winter use I think they are hard to beat, for summer use they may be a bit too warm for some users.
    Probably the most comfortable boot I’ve owned, highly recommended if they fit your feet.

  • John Dowle
    These are the best boots I have ever worn, 4 May 2011

    (Archive)3 Feb 2010 5:40 pm

    I have had all the major brand boots over the years but nothing touches the Hanwag Alaskas, excellent.

  • E.cole
    It easy to think you have to break in new boots, until you wear these! 4 May 2011

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    Author :

    26 Jan 2010 11:27 amFirst week I wore them the UK was hit with the worst snow fall in 30 years, unlike many boots where you have good and bad days these never let me down. Very comfortable (straight from the box) and very warm it temps of -20. Worth every penny.
    Credit due to Lansdale for great service also 5+.

  • Mr lewis
    Simply the best boots !! 4 May 2011

    Rating :

    (Archive) 11 Sep 2009 11:40 pm

    I am a drystone Waller and wear these boots 7 days a week in all weathers, they are my first pair and have just come to the end of there life 3 years after I bought them!!!! Will be buying my 2nd pair very shortly.!

  • Chris
    The real landrover of boots 4 May 2011

    Rating :

    (Archive) 31 Aug 2009 9:44 am

    I tried many so called \"top boots\" however these are the only ones worth buying. So good I immediately bought a pair for my wife and mother! . No walker should put up with anything less. .

  • Jason Mann
    Excellent. 4 May 2011

    (Archive)12 Feb 2009 11:51 am

    I should be a sales man for these boots. They have saved my life on numerous times. I have used them in all types of enviroments and have just finished my 2nd pair. Many thanks jx

  • John Roberts
    Well worth it. 4 May 2011

    (Archive) 3 Sep 2008 5:07 pm

    As a gamekeeper in wales these are the only boots that have lasted me over 12 months, bearing in mind that i wear them 7 days a week in all conditions, .

  • R.Pattimore
    Fantastic pair of boots 4 May 2011

    ( Archive)24 Apr 2008 1:40 pm

    Well worth the investment.I have worn these all over the rugged terrain of the hills of north Harris and lewis..Superb!!!

  • Anonymous
    Simply put, the best boot ever made. 4 May 2011

    Rating :

    (Archive) 12 Feb 2008 6:19 am.

    You can stand in a puddle of water and they are just as good as rubber boots. Warm down to -40 (Trust me I am in Saskatchewan, Canada), but still good to wear in the summer. Very good for comfort, especialy if you are on your feet all day.

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